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The village of Hinstock is to be found in North Shropshire, just off the A41 to the south of Market Drayton. In recent years the village has grown in popularity with those who work further afield, geographically it is close to the market towns of Market Drayton and Newport, whilst Telford, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Wolverhampton and Stoke on Trent are also easy to access by road.

There may have existed at one time a Roman road through Hinstock, an archaeological evaluation of part of the area was undertaken in 1986 and there was evidence of what was thought to be a Roman road linking Hinstock with Burlington.

The village is served by a primary school, a church, a pub and a general store and post office; it has a well maintained recreation ground with football pitch, brand new five a side pitch and tennis courts. It also boasts a variety of clubs and organisations that operate from the Memorial Hall including the Women's Institute, the playgroup, the flower arranging club and painting classes whilst next door in the Jubilee room, the snooker club has 1 full sized snooker table and 1 pool table. For the more active, the village also has a lively tennis club, cricket club and annual charity funrun.

A village that attracts families who appreciate the surrounding countryside and yet wish to have the facilities of larger towns close by, Hinstock with its village social life remains a favourite with those who are fortunate to live here.

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Quarry Wood nature reserve is a 7 acre woodland on the west side of the A41 at Hinstock that is managed by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Oak, birch and the occasional hornbeam grow alongside swathes of rhododendron. The sandstone cliffs were formed in the Triassic period, around 220 million years ago, when this part of the country was hot and dry and dinosaurs were first emerging.Quarry Wood
The quarry may have provided the stone for the tower of St Oswald's church in the village and also some of the older houses, though quarrying ceased here in the 1890s.
The wood once provided cover for vast flocks of roosting thrushes and finches and between 1966 and 1985, around 20,000 birds were ringed here. These birds no longer roost in such numbers, but the wood is still home to a variety of birds including jays, tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers and other common woodland birds.
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Hinstock Parish Plan 2012

The Parish Plan is a document which sets out a shared vision of how the Community wants the Parish to develop in the next few years. It covers a number of social, economic and environmental issues which are individual to the Parish and are identified by consulting the Community.


A vision of Hinstock through time

The Vision of Britain Through Time website shows a wealth of information based on Census details between 1801 and 2001. It includes maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.



Here you can find up-to-date information about Crime and Disorder in your area. This website has been built by Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships across Shropshire. CADDIE can help you see what is happening in your local area and how together, we are working to reduce crime, tackle the fear of crime and promote quality of life issues around Shropshire.

House Prices In Hinstock This site uses data from the Land Registry to indicate sale prices of houses in a specific postcode for any year since 2000.
Council Tax Find out how much council tax you pay for your property. This site uses information from the Valuation Office website to find out what band a property is in and then uses local council data to isolate how much they charge for that band.
Hinstock Village Design Statement A tool for residents, land sellers and developers;  the Design Statement describes Hinstock as it is today and highlights the qualities which are valued by the majority of the inhabitants.  Written by local people, it ensures that local knowledge and ideas are valued in a way which encourages the village to build upon the traditions of the past.
Shropshire Planning Applications The Weekly List provides a list of all the Planning Applications either validated or decided by the Local Authority in a given week




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