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Quarry Wood

Quarry Wood

Quarry Wood nature reserve is a 7 acre woodland on the west side of the A41 at Hinstock that is managed by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Oak, birch and the occasional hornbeam grow alongside swathes of rhododendron. The sandstone cliffs were formed in the Triassic period, around 220 million years ago, when this part of the country was hot and dry and dinosaurs were first emerging.

The quarry may have provided the stone for the tower of St Oswald's church in the village and also some of the older houses, though quarrying ceased here in the 1890s.

The wood once provided cover for vast flocks of roosting thrushes and finches and between 1966 and 1985, around 20,000 birds were ringed here. These birds no longer roost in such numbers, but the wood is still home to a variety of birds including jays, tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers and other common woodland birds.

Hinstock Parish Council Quarry Wood
Hinstock Parish Council Quarry Wood


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